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Callingwood offer varies kind of soybeans to clients according to their needs.

Every customer is unique to us, therefore we provide custom made solutions to

end users. Please contact our sales agent for products availability.


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Non-GMO Good Yield Clear Hilum Soybeans


This category of food grade soybeans are our second best seller. It has lower protein level as compare to our high protein products. They are typically about 40% - 43%. Grade 1 standard. An economcial choice for soya-food and oil. Origin in Canada and USA.

Non-GMO High Protein Clear Hilum Soybeans

This category of food grade soybeans are the most popular and liked by many customers. It is ideal for quality tofu, soymilk, soy beverage and yet economical as compare to the premium soya. It is a wise choice for user who want balance between cost and quality. Our Non-GMO High Protein soya consist protein level at approximate 44% or above, Grade 1 standard. Origin in Canada or USA.

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GMO High Yield Clear Hilum Soybeans

An alternate choice for buyers who seek for cost effecitve oil seeds and yet comparable to our good yield products. Protein level are approximate 40% or above. Ideally for soy oil. Grade 1 standard. Origin in Canada and USA. 

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